All businesses need good quality financial management and advice. This applies to small as well as large companies, particularly those expanding rapidly, to ensure cash flow keeps pace with growth.

However given limited time and management resource it’s an area that is all too often neglected, sometimes until too late.
An experienced finance director is an expensive overhead and for the smaller business probably not required on a full time basis. Professional accounting firms can help, but may not offer specialist practical experience or staff continuity, and are likely to prove expensive.

The answer is to hire a permanent, part-time finance director, someone experienced in the industry that will form a long-term relationship with your company – a resource available when you need it but not an on-going liability and cost when you don’t.

For a pre-agreed fixed monthly fee you can have a permanent part-time finance director providing the following:

  • The basics – advising on the design and establishment of financial, reporting and administrative systems, monitoring and interpreting the financial reporting and acting as a general sounding board and management resource on all matters financial,
  • Specialist input – industry specific financial and business advice,
  • Advice on one-off projects – these can include fundraising, bank negotiations, business combinations and strategic planning.

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